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Cavision 4x4 Matte Box with Rods Support System
For Panasonic DVX-100

The 4x4 bellows shade matte box with rods support system is designed to work with mini DV cameras, broadcast ENG cameras with internal and external lenses. The adapter rings attach the lens to the back mount of the matte box to stop backlight from leaking through. Cavision matte box offers broadcast quality for DV cameras, leaving a professional appearance at an affordable price.

Picture: 1

Cavision 4x4 matte box with rods
support, French flag and
dual handgrips

Table: 1
Fit lens with:200 x 150 x 295mm
Dimensions:200 x 150 x 295mm
Weight: 259 g
Filter tray size:4x4"
Filter trays:2 - back stage rotates at 180, vertical insertion
Back mount:130mm
Bellows material:Nylon
Matte box material:Aluminum and ABS
Bellows adjustable distance:35-150mm

Key Features

  • Bellows can be extended on mini rods from 35mm to 150mm to accommodate the angle of view.
  • Bellows shade absorbs and redirects any extraneous light from spilling onto the front element.
    • Isolated light from the lens offers more control over exposure and color range.
    • Dramatically increases depth of field and controls lens flares.
  • Filter trays can be inserted vertically for 4x4" and 4x5.65"graduated filters.
  • One tray stage rotates at 180 for the use of polarizer filters.
  • Nylon bellows offers maximum durability.

Table: 2
Optional Accessories for 4x4 Matte Box
MBF-5PFrench flag for top
MBF-4SFrench flag for side
MBH4x4M-64x4 metal filter tray (6mm)
MBH4x4P-64x4 ABS filter tray (6mm)
MBH4x5M-64x5.65" filter tray (6mm)
FTG4x4 filtersPolarizer, star and soft focus glass filters
FTR4x4 filtersGrad sun set, grad blue and grad ND resin filters
ABS step down ringsARP1312, ARP1210, ARP498, ARP495, ARP493, ARP485
Metal adapter ringsAR85-72 (conical ring), AR82-72

Cavision offers more accessories for the Panasonic DVX-100. A wide-angle adapter (PWA06x72) and converter (PWC06x72) are both available as well as the 3x3 matte box with or without rods support.

The RS - 15IIM is designed specifically for the 4x4 bellows shade matte box. With a durable carbon fiber rods system, the RS - 15IIM offers the maximum support for the matte box, while allowing the bellows to be extended.

Picture: 2 Consist of:
  • T part
  • Front bracket
  • 200mm carbon fiber rods
  • Rear bracket
  • Rods plate connector
Table: 3
Rail Material:Carbon fiber
Rail diameter:15 mm
Rail length:200 mm
Rail spacing:60 mm
Dimensions:200 (L) x 80 (W) x 50 (H)
Rods plate:1/4" screw

Key Features:

  • The matte box is mounted on to a T-part to brace any extra weight on the lens.
  • Standard 15 mm rods compatible with broadcast and cine equipment .
  • Carbon fiber material offers a durable, lightweight feature which will not bend.
  • Rods plate can be adjusted vertically and horizontally for different cameras
  • The rear bracket holds a 1/4" & 3/8" thread on the bottom to mount to tripod plates and to keep quick release and sliding features.(see picture 3).

Table: 4
Optional Accessories:
CT1815/25:250 mm (10") rails
RS15HD:Dual handgrips
RS15HDE:Extended handgrips

Picture: 3

Fitting the Matte Box onto the DVX-100:
The user should receive three products as basic package. (If you have ordered optional accessories your package may differ)

  • 4x4 matte box - MB413B-2
  • French Flag - MBF-5P
  • Rods support - RS-15IIM
  • Rubber Adapter Ring: ARR1385 and Conical Adapter Ring: AR85-72.

When you receive the product, the majority of assembly has already been finished for you. Follow the steps below to mount the matte box on your camera.

  • Screw the AR85-72 into the front of the lens, leaving the ARR1385 on the matte box.
  • The matte box offers two mini brackets to hold the 7.5 mini rods in place. Attach the 7.5mm rods into the two brackets underneath the matte box. Tighten mini rods in place.
  • The RS -15IIM has a rods plate that will attach to the bottom of the camera.
  • Insert the 15mm rods into the rear bracket of the RS-15IIM and secure.
  • Attach the camera to the rods plate on the RS-15IIM by tightening the " screw with a coin.
  • Insert the RS-15IIM rods into the front bracket on the matte box. Adjust until the adapter ring on the lens is placed inside the matte box accordingly and secure. The rods plate can be adjusted vertically and horizontally if the matte box is not centered with the camera lens. (See picture 2 and figure B in picture 3)
  • Ensure that all brackets are tightly secured before use.
  • Attach the tripod plate underneath the rear bracket to connect the matte box and camera onto a tripod, if your tripod has a sliding plate, (See picture 3) the tripod plate can also be attached underneath the rods plate. (See picture 1)

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