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   SGP630F    SGP330F    SGP515F


  Key Features

  • SGP515R, SGP525F, SGP525R, SGP625F, SGP330F, SGP330R SGP535F & SGP535R (note these come with fixed rubber bottom piece - best for external wiring) also available.

  • New versions with window opening bottom piece (SPB36M) also available: SGP515R-P, SGP525R-P, SGP330R-P SGP535R-P

  • For complete list of all boom poles click here.

  • Highly affordable

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Optional Carrying cases available

  • Precision-machined double concentric locking collars for precise positioning at any point within the section

  • Collapsible sections with unique design to reduce length  for storage

  • 3/8 thread at top with anti-loose washer


  • For specifications click here


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