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   3x3" (2mm thick) List:   Coming soon!



   3x4" (2mm thick) List:   Coming soon!



   4x4" ( 4mm thick) List:


 FTG4X4AT03   Antique 0.3
 FTG4x4AT06   Antique 0.6
 FTG4X4DB06   Day for Night 0.6
 FTG4X4DB09   Day for Night 0.9
 FTG4X4DB12   Day for Night 1.2
 FTG4x4GB03   Graduated Blue 0.3
 FTG4X4GB06   Graduated Blue 0.6
 FTG4X4GB09   Graduated Blue 0.9
 FTG4X4GD03   Graduated Neutral Density 0.3
 FTG4X4GD06   Graduated Neutral Density 0.6
 FTG4X4GD09   Graduated Neutral Density 0.9
 FTG4X4GD12   Graduated Neutral Density 1.2
 FTG4X4GG   Graduated Green (~ 0.6)
 FTG4X4GO03   Graduated Orange 0.3
 FTG4X4GO06   Graduated Orange 0.6
 FTG4X4GO09   Graduated Orange 0.9
 FTG4X4GR03   Graduated Red 0.3
 FTG4X4GR06   Graduated Red 0.6
 FTG4X4HM              NEW!   Hot Mirror (IR Reduction)
 FTG4X4HMND03      NEW!   Hot Mirror (IR Reduction)  Neutral Density 0.3
 FTG4X4HMND06      NEW!   Hot Mirror (IR Reduction)  Neutral Density 0.6
 FTG4X4HMND09      NEW!   Hot Mirror (IR Reduction)  Neutral Density 0.9
 FTG4X4HMND1.2     NEW!   Hot Mirror (IR Reduction)  Neutral Density 1.2
 FTG4X4LC1   Low Contrast Density # 1  (~ 0.3) 
 FTG4X4LC2   Low Contrast Density # 2  (~ 0.6) 
 FTG4X4LC3   Low Contrast Density # 3  (~ 0.9) 
 FTG4X4ND03   Solid Neutral Density 0.3
 FTG4X4ND06   Solid Neutral Density 0.6
 FTG4X4ND09   Solid Neutral Density 0.9
 FTG4X4ND1.2   Solid Neutral Density 1.2
 FTG4X4ND1.5   Solid Neutral Density 1.5
 FTG4X4ND1.8  Solid Neutral Density 1.8
 FTG4X4SB1/8   Soft Mist Black 1/8
 FTG4x4SB1/4   Soft Mist Black 1/4
 FTG4X4SB1/2   Soft Mist Black 1/2
 FTG4X4SC1/8   Soft Mist Clear 1/8
 FTG4X4SC1/4   Soft Mist Clear 1/4
 FTG4x4SC1/2   Soft Mist Clear 1/2
 FTG4X4SE1   Skin Tone Enhancer Density Level # 1  (~ 0.3)
 FTG4x4SE2   Skin Tone Enhancer Density Level # 2  (~ 0.6)
 FTG4X4SF1/8   Soft Focus 1/8
 FTG4X4SF1/4   Soft Focus 1/4
 FTG4X4SF1/2   Soft Focus 1/2
 FTG4x4ST6P   6 Point Star
 FTG4X4PL     Linear Polarizer
 FTG4X4SET5   Set of 5 filters: Polarizer, Soft Mist Black 1/4, Grad ND 0.6, Grad Blue 0.3, Grad Orange 0.3



   4x5.65" (4mm thick) List:   Coming soon!



   5x5" (4mm thick) List:   Coming soon!



   5.65x5.65" (4mm thick) List:   Coming soon!



   6x6" (4mm thick) List:   Coming soon!



   6.6x6.6" (4mm thick) List:   Coming soon!






* Please note: some filter types available in limited quantity only, please check availability before ordering; more filter types and densities available soon, please check for availability

* Please note: when density of filters is listed in levels of "1, 2, 3", these are approximately equivalent to 0.3, 0.6 & 0.9 (or 1/8, 1/4 & 1/2) respectively; when no density is listed the density is approximately equivalent to 0.6

* Please note: all graduated filters are medium-soft edge




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