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   RFGR99  Film/Cine
 (mod 0.8)
  ~ 98mm - 101mm  
   RFGR95  Fujinon (mod 0.6)   ~ 92mm - 96mm Sony EX1, Sony EX3 (with standard lens); Sony Z7 (with standard lens); Panasonic HVX200; Panasonic HPX170 / HMC150 (on thickest part of focus ring)
   RFGR90  Fujinon (mod 0.6)

  ~ 89mm - 93mm

 Sony FX1/Z1 ; Panasonic DVX-100 
 NEW  RFGR85  Fujinon (mod 0.6)   ~ 82mm - 86mm  
 NEW  RFGR80  Fujinon (mod 0.6)   ~ 78mm - 81mm  
 NEW  RFGR75  Fujinon (mod 0.6)   ~ 73mm - 76mm  JVC GY-HM100U
   RFGR70  Fujinon (mod 0.6)   ~ 69mm - 72mm  Sony VX1000  
 NEW  RFGR66  Fujinon (mod 0.6)   ~ 64mm - 67mm  
 NEW  RFGR63  Fujinon (mod 0.6)   ~ 61mm - 65mm  
 NEW  RFGR58  Fujinon (mod 0.6)   ~ 56mm -59mm  
 NEW  RFGR54  Fujinon (mod 0.6)   ~ 52mm - 55mm  
 NEW  RFGR50  Fujinon (mod 0.6)   ~ 49mm - 51mm  


  *Note: for DSLR lenses, focus barrel size does not correspond to filter thread size; please measure the diameter (or circumference divided by 3.14) of the lens' focus barrel to determine the correct gear ring. 



  Key Features

  • Can be clamped onto the focus ring of video, film or DSLR lenses allowing for the use of a follow focus
  • All rings compatible with standard Fujinon (mod 0.6) gear type (except RFGR99 which has a film / cine mod 0.8 gear type)
  • Hard stop for gear rings available upon request (only included with RGR85, RFGR90, RFGR95 & RFGR99)




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