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   LH-120P / LH-120P-E    



  • Lens Type: Internal Focus

  • Material: ABS

  • Back mount: 120mm

  • Filter thread: 127mm

  • LH-120P Fits Lenses: Broadcast 16:9 with 120mm O.D.; Cavision BWC07X86; Century: WA-8XCV, WA7X93; (*note: does NOT work with ARP12 adapter rings).

  • LH-120P-E fits lenses*: Only Cavision LWA07X86, LWA07X86B-EX1 & LWA07X86B-HVX200; (also works with ARP12 adapter rings).

  • Dimensions: 174(w) x 141(h) x 44mm (d)

  • Sunshade front inside dimensions: 166 x 133mm

  • Weight: 162g

  • Can be used as clamp-on or with Cavision 15mm rods support

  • Optional Accessories: Lens hood cover (LC1814H); Clear Glass Protection Filter (FTG127)
    *Note: LH-120P-E has special edge on back-mount making it suitable ONLY for the lenses listed or ARP12 adapter rings; for regular lenses with 120mm O.D. use LH-120P




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