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         5X5'' MATTE BOX (16:9 SHADE) / RODS PACKAGE





  • 5x5" matte box with regular 16:9 hard shade and 2 filter stages (one fixed, one rotating)
  • 2 5x5" metal filter trays
  • Swing away component
  • Auxiliary rods (15mm diameter, 60mm r.c. to r.c. spacing) for mounting other accessories
  • Front rods connecting bracket with vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Main Rods (15mm diameter, 100mm r.c. to r.c. spacing)
  • Universal rods system plate with horizontally adjustable rear bracket
  • Rubber adapter ring ARR1385
  • Note: for use with mini-DV cameras additional rear bracket, vertical part and mini-DV system plate are also required.

    Key Features:

  • Specifically designed for use with HDTV  Cameras
  • Hard shade designed for 16:9 format
  • Robust construction ideal for larger cameras and/or tripod work
  • Compatible with most Mini-DV cameras; ideal for use with larger and/or wider angle lenses 
  • Swing away feature for easy lens access
  • Multi-adjustable to fit a large variety of cameras and lenses
  • One rotating filter stage for use with polarizing and graduated filters
  • Optional Accessories: French Flap MBF-5M and Side Flap MBF-5MS
  • Follow focus, handgrips, glass filters and protection case also available

MB5086H-2 matte box / rods system package

MB5086H-2 shown on Panasonic AJ-SDX900 camera




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