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   MB6U3-104    NOW AVAILABLE!


   Key Features:

  • Completely new and enhanced design featuring metal construction

  • Includes 19mm (104mm spaced) rods support system, now with steel rods & new RPF8-30 universal plate

  • Multi-adjustable to fit numerous cameras and lens configurations

  • Basic model offers three 6x6 filter stages including two rotating stages for use with polarizing & graduated filters; as many as 5 additional filter stages can easily be added

  • Hassle free accommodation of most common types; Universal trays can be adjusted to fit 4x4 (100 x 100mm), 4x5, 4x5.65, 4x6, 5x5, 5x6, 5.65x5.65 & 6x6 size filters

  • Top and side flaps can be quickly and easily removed without the need for tools or screws

  • Top flap with quick release function and fine tuning knob.  Flag can be fixed in open position instantly and then readjusted for exact positioning while looking through viewfinder

  • Top and side flaps can be collapsed inward to create compact size for easy storage and carry

  • Robust construction ideal for larger ENG style or film cameras

  • Can accommodate lenses up to 160mm in diameter

  • Large shade specifically designed for use with 16:9 format; can accommodate wide angle lenses all the way down to 4.5mm for 2/3" without vignetting

  • Includes slot for insert masks for various different aspect ratios

  • Swing away system for convenient lens access

  • Sleek professional style, perfect for high end HD & film rigs, at a highly affordable price

  • Includes expandable top and side flaps, 110mm rubber adapter ring (MBR110) and hard shell carrying case

  • Follow focus, handgrips, &  glass filters also available

MB6U3-104 and RFF1560G shown on RED ONE camera



      MB6U3-104 shown with 114mm bellows style adapter ring (ARRD114X40)



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