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   ARP series - Plastic Snap-in Step-down Rings


  • These adapter rings snap into the back-mount of the matte box and can be used in combination to step down to various diameters

.  Model #  Fits inside:

 Steps Down 


.  ARP1312  130mm  120mm
 ARP12114  120mm  114mm
 ARP12110  120mm  110mm
 ARP12105P  120mm  105mm
 ARP1210  120mm  100mm
 ARP1285  120mm  85

 ARP100SBEX1*  100mm  EX1 Lens*
.  ARP498  100mm  98
.  ARP497  100mm  97
.  ARP496  100mm  96
.  ARP495  100mm  95
.  ARP493  100mm  93
.  ARP490  100mm  90
.  ARP486  100mm  86
.  ARP485  100mm  85
.  ARP380  85mm  80
.  ARP375  85mm  75
.  ARP370  85mm  70





  * only suitable for MB4510H2-BFI matte box; LCD screen must be flipped out when using this adapter ring




   AR series - Threaded Metal Step-up Rings


  • These adapter rings screw onto the lens' front filter thread.  

  • The thin rings are best for when a rods support system is being used.

  • The medium-thick rings are best for clamp-on use.

  • The offset rings are recommended for clamp-on use when using wider angle DSLR lenses, as they will allow the matte box to sit further back in relation to the lens front (the deep rings especially are useful for this purpose). 

  • The conical rings are intended only for special purposes (ie if the camera has a low overhanging microphone and the matte box needs to be pushed out further in front of the lens).

 Model #









 Small Thin Ring

 AR55-43D6  43mm  55mm  58mm  6mm
 AR54-49D6  49mm  54mm  54mm  6mm
 AR49-43D6  43mm  49mm  52mm  6mm
 AR49-40.5D6  40.5mm  49mm  52mm  6mm
 AR49-39D6  39mm  49mm  52mm  6mm
 AR49-37D6  37mm  49mm  52mm  6mm
 AR46-37D6  37mm  46mm  49mm  6mm
 AR46-43D6  43mm  46mm  49mm  6mm
 AR37-30.5D6  30.5mm  37mm  40mm  6mm
 AR37-28D6  28mm  37mm  40mm   6mm
 Thin Rings
NEW  AR95-86D6  86mm  95mm  98mm  6mm
NEW  AR86-95D6  95mm  86mm  n/a  6mm
 AR82-77D6  77mm  82mm  85mm  6mm
 AR82-72D6  72mm  82mm  85mm  6mm
 AR82-62D6  62mm  82mm  85mm  6mm
 AR82-58D6  58mm  82mm  85mm  6mm
 AR77-72D8  72mm  77mm  80mm  8mm
NEW  AR72-67D6  67mm  72mm  75mm  6mm
 AR72-58D6  58mm  72mm  75mm  6mm
NEW  AR62-58D6  58mm  62mm  65mm  6mm
 AR58-52D9  52mm  58mm  61mm  9mm
 AR58-46D9  46mm  58mm  61mm  9mm
NEW  AR127-117D10  117mm 127mm  130mm  10mm
 AR100-77D12  77mm   95mm  100mm  12mm
 AR95-82D12  82mm  95mm  98mm  12mm
NEW  AR95-77D12  77mm  95mm  98mm  12mm
 AR82-77D12  77mm  82mm  85mn  12mm
 AR82-72D12  72mm  82mm  85mn  12mm
 AR82-67D12  67mm  82mm  85mn  12mm
 AR82-62D12  62mm  82mm  85mn  12mm
 AR82-58D10  58mm  82mm  85mn  10mm
 AR72-62D10  62mm  72mm 75mm  10mm
 Offset Rings
 ARF100-77D9  77mm  n/a  100mm  9mm
NEW  ARF95-72D6  72mm  95mm  98mm  6mm
 ARF82-72D9  72mm  82mm  85mm  9mm
 ARF82-62D9  62mm  82mm  85mm  9mm
 ARF82-58D9  58mm  82mm  85mm  9mm
 ARF82-52D9  52mm  82mm  85mm  9mm
 AR85M77  77mm  n/a  85mm  deep
 (for Canon 24-105mm lens used with New 3x3 Matte Box)
 77mm  n/a  85mm  8mm
 AR85M72  72mm  n/a  85mm  deep
 AR85M58  58mm  n/a  85mm  deep
 AR85M52  52mm  n/a  85mm  deep
 Conical (thick)
 ARC85-72D30  72mm  82mm  85mm  30mm
 ARC85-72D20  72mm  82mm  85mm  20mm
 ARC85-62D40  62mm  82mm  85mm  40mm
 ARC85-58D40  58mm  82mm  85mm  40mm
 ARC85-58D20  58mm  82mm  85mm  20mm
 ARC75-52D35  52mm  72mm  75mm  35mm
 ARC75-52D35NT  52mm  n/a  75mm  35mm



  Rubber Step-down Rings

  • ARR1385 - Standard rubber adapter ring with 85mm opening; for matte box with 130mm back mount

  • ARR130-110 - Rubber adapter ring with 110mm opening; for matte box with 130mm back mount

  • NEW  ARRD114X40 - Rubber bellows style adapter ring for Cavision matte box with 130mm back-mount. Inside diameter = 114mm.  Maximum depth = 40mm.  





  Cloth Donut Step Down Rings  -  NEW!

  • ADU085-D45 - Cloth donut style ring with 85mm front and ~ 50mm to 80mm rear opening - MORE INFO







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