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         0.6x WIDE ANGLE ADAPTER

   BWA06X86 / LWA06X86 *



  • Class: Broadcast

  • Effect: 0.6X

  • Suitable lens: 86 or 85mm O.D. lens / 83mm/82mm Filter Thread lens

  • Suitable Focal Length: 2/3": 8.7mm and up

  • Coating: Multi-coated

  • Zooming: Fixed focal

  • Focus: By macro mechanism

  • Aperture: No light loss

  • MOD: 0.20m

  • Format: 2/3" TV

  • Back mount: 9586 Clamp-on Mount

  • Construction: 1 group, 1 element

  • Dimensions: 98mm X 26mm(h)

  • Net weight: 228g

  • Finishing color: Black

  • Lens Hood: LH100PW + ARP498

   Key Features:

  • Provides a 40% wider angle of view

  • Universal design for use with a variety of different lenses

  • New 9586 Clamp-on mount for easy and quick attachment onto camera lens

  • Also available for use with traditional bolt fastening clamp-on ring (CR95-85)






 * Please note: although some may be marked as LWA06X86 and some as BWA06X86 this is the exact same item


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