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         0.3x FISH-EYE ADAPTER

   PFA03X72C / PFA03X72B



  • Class: Professional DV

  • Effect: 0.25X

  • Coating: Multi-coated

  • C Model: Clamp-on mount for lens with 75mm O.D. (works for XL1/2 14x lens)

  • B Model: Bayonet mount for Canon XL1/2 16x Auto lens

  • Zooming: 5.5mm-40mm

  • Focus: By macro or auto

  • Aperture: No light loss

  • MOD: 0.10m

  • Format: 1/3" TV

  • Filter thread: N/A

  • Back thread: N/A

  • Construction: 2/2

  • Angle of view: 12057' X 10033' at 5.5mm

  • Dimensions: 120mm X 43mm(h)

  • Net weight: 765g

  • Bayonet mount: Available for Canon XL1/2

   Key Features:

  • Provides a 75% wider angle of view

  • Universal design for use with a variety of different lenses

  • Bayonet mount for Canon XL1/2 available




                PFA03X72B mounted on Canon XL1 camera


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