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         0.6x WIDE ANGLE CONVERTER for JVC HD100




  • Class: Industrial

  • Effect: 0.6X

  • Suitable Camera/Lens: JVC HD100 with Fujinon 16x5.5 lens only

  • Zoom-through range (focal length): ~7mm to 120mm

  • Coating: Multi-coated

  • Focus: Same as usual

  • Aperture: No light loss

  • M.O.D.: 0.50m

  • Angle of view (at 6.1mm): 8220' X 6631'

  • Format: 1/3"

  • Back thread: 82mm P=0.75

  • Construction: 3/3

  • Dimensions: 98mm X 62mm

  • Net weight: 476g

  • Finishing color: Black

  • Optional Accessories: LH100 lens hood, LCS1412 lens hood cover and FTG105C clear glass protection filter for lens hood

  • * Please note: this lens will create minor distortion (loss of focus at edges of frame) when at full wide, it is recommended to be used from ~7mm and up focal lengths.  For optimal image quality use a Cavision fixed focal adapter or  0.7x Broadcast Zoom-through Converter







   Key Features:

  • Highly affordable alternative for JVC HD100 camera

  • Provides a 40% wider angle of view

  • Ideal for use when the very widest end of the zoom range is not needed, but when full zoom-through capability all the way to the telephoto end of the zoom range is necessary


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