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  RS1580S-SPE   RS1580D-SPE






Shown with Sony Z1U  (note: RS1580S-SPE has longer rods connection piece than shown)




Shown with Sony Z1U and Beachteck adapter   (note: RS1580D-SPE has longer rods connection piece than shown)





  • Shoulder Pad

  • Shoulder pad rods connector with dual tilt function with extension

  • 15mm diameter, 30cm long glass fiber rods

  • Rods system plate for mounting camera

  • Handgrip(s) with mounting bracket

    Key Features:

  • Longer rods connection piece provides more flexibility

  • Constructed primarily out of ABS material to reduce weight

  • Glass fiber rods and aluminum camera plate for extra strength

  • Adjustable to fit different shoulder widths

  • Rods connector adjustable for personalized configuration

  • Universally designed for use with additional accessories such as Cavision matte boxes, follow focus, camera plates, adapters and extensions

  • * Please note: current model of shoulder pad no longer has mounting threads



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