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  RS-816  -  Mini-rods System   




  • 2 carbon fiber rods

  • Height adjustable front bracket ideal for connecting a 3x3" matte box; now also includes horizontal offset adapter (for non centered cameras)

  • Mini-DV plate with vertically adjustable rear bracket



  • Plate / bracket material: Aluminium

  • Rail Material: Carbon fiber

  • Rail Diameter:8mm

  • Rail Length: 160mm (6"3/8)

  • Rail Spacing: 30mm (r.c. to r.c.)

  • Dimensions: 240(L) x 40(W) x 45mm(H)

  • Weight: 120g.

  • Rail Wall Thickness: 2mm

  • Front Bracket Height Adjustment: 25mm

  • Rear Bracket Height Adjustment: 25mm

  • Back & Forward Adjustable Length: 130mm

  • Tripod connection: 1/4" thread







RS-816 shown with 3x3" Matte Box and RS-8HS Handgrip



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