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  • Compatible with MB3485B, MB3485S and MB4512H2-BFI matte boxes

  • Note: rods bracket & t-part not included (requires RST2550 and R156025 to be able to attach to 15mm rods)

  • *Note: If you do not already have a bracket & t-part choose RST-SA-15BT which includes both

  • More info here


  RS1560C-SA   RS1560C-SA-10


  • Compatible with MB3485B/S, MB412H-2A/M, MB4512H-2 (note: additional spacer needed to work with MB4512H-BFI)


  • Compatible with MB410H-2A/M and MB4512H-2 

   RS1560-SA   RS1560B-SA


  • Compatible with MB4169H series matte boxes


  • Compatible with MB413B series matte boxes



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