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   NEW Features on PLUS version:

  • Features sub-second (FPS) setting adjustment, corresponding to all common frame rates such as 1/24s, 1/30s etc. (see specs for full list)
  • Includes stopwatch mode (time starts running up from 0 and stops/starts with clapper slam or button push)
  • Features clock only (no LED light) mode, as well as clock sleep mode
  • + / - clock setting adjustment buttons provides for faster clock setting operation
  • Includes battery life status indicator light
   Key Features:
  • Features 8 digit LED watch (*note: does NOT provide timecode, only standard clock time)
  • Time on the display instantly freezes when the clapper sticks are shut; can be used as a visual aid when syncing sound in post
  • Clock display also provides a handy reference of the exact time of the day when the shot was taken
  • LED light can illuminate the film title section of the slate and automatically shuts off when the clapper sticks are shut
  • Light offers fives modes: fast-flash, slow-flash, bright, dim, bright fast-flash and off
  • Strobe mode can be used to get the attention of the crew to indicate the start of filming
  • Light can be used as a substitute for a flashlight; provides more than 3 hours of continuous lighting on a single charge
  • LED bulbs have estimated lifespan of 100,000 hours
  • Includes internal small lightweight lithium battery which can be charged via USB or regular wall outlet
  • Features a three dimensional ABS structure and re-enforced slate for extra durability
  • Text printed inside acrylic for a more fine & crisp appearance
  • New single-bolt hinge design provides for ultra smooth movement of the clapper sticks
  • Resonance chamber amplifies the clapper sound and makes it more crisp
  • New latch system to keep clapper sticks in closed position (magnet, which can create interference with film equipment, no longer necessary)
  • Slot on the back the back of the slate provides a convenient way to hold the slate during operation
  • The slate's attractive appearance makes it an ideal souvenir for production crew or tourists visiting locations/studios






  • Clapper Sticks: Color
  • Dimensions: 28cm x 23cm (with sticks); 28cm x 18cm (just slate)
  • Construction: ABS (structure); acrylic (slate)
  • Digital Watch Type: standard clock time or stopwatch (NOT timecode)
  • Time Increments: hour, minute, second, sub-second
  • Sub-second (FPS) Options: 1/10s, 1/15s, 1/20s, 1/24s, 1/25s, 1/30s, 1/50s, 1/60s, 1/100s
  • LED Light Modes: half power fast-flash, half power slow-flash, full-power continuous, half-power continuous, full power fast-flash and off
  • Charge via: USB or standard 110/120V wall outlet
  • Battery Life: ~ 2.5 hours (with both light & clock on)
   Videos: (note: new features of PLUS version appear near the end of the video)


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