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   SSN2818B / SSN2818C    NOW AVAILABLE!


   Key Features:

  • Completely re-designed with numerous enhancements

  • Features a three dimensional ABS structure and re-enforced slate for extra durability

  • Text printed inside acrylic for a more fine & crisp appearance

  • New single-bolt hinge design provides for ultra smooth movement of the clapper sticks

  • Resonance chamber amplifies the clapper sound and makes it more crisp 

  • New latch system to keep clapper sticks in closed position (magnet, which can create interference with film equipment, no longer necessary)

  • Slot on the back the back of the slate provides a convenient way to hold the slate during operation

  • The slate's attractive appearance makes it an ideal souvenir for production crew or tourists visiting locations/studios  


  • Dimensions: 28cm x 23cm (with sticks); 28cm x 18cm (just slate) 

  • Construction: ABS (structure); acrylic (slate)

  • Clapper Sticks Color: B version = Black & White; C version = Color



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