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   VFC52-PL    VFT52E
  • Front mount: Arri PL bayonet mount
  • Lens type: standard 35mm
  • Back mount: M52mm P=0.75
  • Weight support: 5kg
  • Construction: aluminum
  • Handgrip angle adjustable: 200
  • Ground glass slot dimension: ~ 23mm(L) x 20mm(H) [ARRI 35 BL series]
  • Dimensions: 83x H230x L125mm
  • Weight: 666g
  • Eye piece
  • Enlargement: 6x
  • Lens construction: 4/2
  • Dimensions: 58 x L57mm



  • Rear Extension Piece
  • Lens construction: 6/6
  • Dimensions: 58 x L134mm
  • Weight:588g

     *Note: Ground glass element is NOT included     

     *Note: All three components are necessary for the cine director's viewfinder    


Complete PL Cine Director's Viewfinder: V5C52-PL, VFT52R and VFT52E


    Key Features:

  • Mount for Arri PL lenses
  • Extension Piece (VTF52R) and Eyepiece (VFT52R) can also be used as part of Cavision's Camera Extended Viewfinder
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Professional appearance
  • Highly affordable

PL Cine Lens Mount (V5C52-PL)    


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